Thursday, 21 March 2013

VITA from Vishal's Viewpoint

Hi, I  am  Vishal Maral. I have completed C-DAC's Diploma In Advanced Computing from Vidyanidhi Infotech Academy and got placed in C-DAC Mumbai. It is my pleasure to share my experience @ VITA with you.....

            Initially, I was very scared and nervous as I was not that good in my academics. I needed to learn more and more; things that college never prepared me for. I always had questions, at every stage of  the topics. Why this,Why that etc.. And I would keep asking those questions to faculties as well as  my classmates. I troubled them a lot with my questions. But they would listen to my questions carefully though silly and stupid  and answer in a very simple way. You could call it learning the tough way but I had started feeling that I have everyone here to protect me. After a long time I enjoyed my Studies,Tests,Assignments. We hardly studied at home. Most time of the day we would be at vita only, either studying, discussing, debating or practicing.

         I am very fortunate that I got to learn from the faculties with in depth knowledge and vast IT industry experience. They took our level of understanding into consideration before starting the topic. And then gradually increased the teaching pace to the expert level. That way we felt most comfortable while learning and were able to take the most of it. Vikram  sir's soft skill sessions were my another favourite. I enjoyed it a lot. While he gave us the lessons on personality development, he also taught us how a good team player helps his team. They were interactive sessions filled with fun. I might have met Vikram sir merely as a part of the curriculum but we have become good buddies along the way.

       VITA's three fold approach Aptitude, Mock interview and Soft skills helped me evaluate and improve my performance. I received feedback from time to time and also tips on where i can do better.

      I would like to thank my classmates and whole VITA family, but particularly my mentors Savita mam, Pooja mam and Nidhi mam for giving me the space to grow, for giving me opportunities to do more, letting me see my own mistakes and learn from them. I will be in their debt for my whole life for honing my personality  to a point where I have developed a strong faith in my own abilities. Their guidance and faith has carved a special place in  my life and they will always be remembered. I would never have been able to come this far without there support. Of course, there is something new to look forward to but when I think about what I am leaving behind, It makes me wonder whether I will ever find this kind of people, atmosphere or any  other aspect of life that kept me so comfortable and happy.


  1. Hi there.!!
    I am Sanket.
    I came across your blog while searching for VITA cdac.
    I gave ccat recently rank was ok 1800 ..and at 1st round of 1st counselling i got allotted VITA for DAC course.

    Can you enlighten me regarding your experience at VITA. How's the teaching and as they claim the placement is seriously that good there.

    I know placement depends on individual performance. my main concern is teaching. I would be travelling from panvel.
    If VITA is worth it then i am willing to take this pressure. Otherwise i am thinking of opting for Kharghar center which i might get in next two rounds.

    Thanx a lot for your time.
    waiting for reply.

    1. Hi Sanket,

      First of all thank you for dropping here and going through my blog. I also appreciate your concern about your career. now coming to your query,

      I was also from non-IT background and completely new to all the computer related concepts, terms and jargon while, other fellow students were from IT background and were comfortable. However, it is the teachers' attitude and atmosphere at VITA which helped me get through this. teachers here are corporate teachers and have many years of experience in teaching and they know where student will face difficulties and where they have to simplify teaching for non-IT student. probably that's the reason why they have high placements because every brain gets a space to grow and nurture here.

      you can drop in personally at VITA anytime and have chat with the students, faculties and DAC co-ordinators here, this will clear your many doubts. Hope this helps. All the Best for your DAC and feel free to get back if you have any thoughts for me.

    2. Hi Sanket and Vishal,

      My rank in A+B section is 2152 so can u plz tell me which centre u got. Can i get PG-DAC in CDAC hyderabad.

    3. Hi Sanket and Vishal,

      My rank in A+B section is 2152 so can u plz tell me which centre u got. Can i get PG-DAC in CDAC hyderabad.

    4. Dear friend,

      you have fair chances of getting PGDAC in hyderabad. just keep in touch with institutes that you interested in. all the best.!

    5. I may also get Sunbeam (Karad) so which institute will be better in terms of placement and studies.

    6. My prefences are
      1.Post Graduate Diploma In Advanced Computing(PG-DAC) CDAC Bengaluru (Knowledge Park)
      2. Post Graduate Diploma In Advanced Computing(PG-DAC) CDAC Bengaluru (e-City)
      3. Post Graduate Diploma in Mobile Computing(PG-DMC) CDAC Bengaluru (Knowledge Park)
      4 Post Graduate Diploma In Advanced Computing(PG-DAC) CDAC Hyderabad
      5 Post Graduate Diploma in Mobile Computing(PG-DMC) CDAC Pune
      6 Post Graduate Diploma in Mobile Computing(PG-DMC) Sunbeam Pune

    7. Dear friend,

      All of the institutes that you have shortlisted are good institutes. they are doing quite well these days in terms of placements. they will surely help you kick start your career with suitable job (not necessarily high paid) but later on its upto you, to take it forward and perform well. I have seen many friends who got average or low package compared to others in placements but performed well in their job and got excellent offers later on. therefore, along with placements, keep learning atmosphere also in mind. coming to your second concern, you can get peoples' opinion about which institutes are good but nobody can tell you which one is best suitable for you, only you can tell that. so do your research, go through blogs, web pages, read experiences, visit institutes, meet alumnis, share your concerns, ask questions, seek answers and then one point will come where you realise by yourself, which institutes is best suited for me.. it worked for me.

      all the best..!

    8. Thanx alot for ur time and advice

  2. Hi Vishal,

    I have done BE in extc. I have accepted everybody's advice and have also read many info pages and blogs about DAC in cdac and at this point of time, i am totally convinced that DAC will give me a job. If I had not been through your blog i wouldn't have asked this question to anybody instead would have just pretended that everything is working great for me and would have put a fake smile on my face. but you have an emotional touch to your blog that I felt like asking this question to you...

    I have worked very hard in my engineering but was always disappointed by results. somehow managed to get first class in degree certificate. but i don't see any use of that. I don't think that life is fair with me. while my other friends from CS, IT are easily getting jobs; not getting job in my field is adding up to the frustration and now i have to join this course and work in IT. I had big dreams before joining engineering but all of them now seem to be far away from reach. now even if i do get a job, do you think i will be able to enjoy the life..? do you think I can grow professionally in IT ...?

  3. Dear friend,

    Have a seat, take deep breath and try to relax.

    You see, there are moments, when we wonder why some things happen to only me… then we refuse to take the responsibility for own life… and, when disappointments become way too much we start losing faith in life. but let me tell you something, life isn't unfair with anyone. its all about choices we make and how hard we stick to those choices.

    Don't just join DAC because you have no choice left. Take it as a option. Join a Pre-DAC batch, get the feel of it. If you think you are enjoying it, then only go ahead. I have seen many friends coming from non-IT back and enjoying the job and progressing well too. The projects I work in, I am putting my engineering knowledge and programming together and its not irrelevant as thought it would be. So, you have to believe that somewhere you will find the meaning.

    At the same time try to explore yourself. Run your own race. Take time to understand, try to live and reflect in the moment and enjoy the journey. Sometimes pause at the descending road and enjoy the sky view. Everything we want, is sitting around, waiting for us to head towards it! but we are the one, who have been running away...

    Happiness to you. god bless you !

  4. Hey vishal and sanket ..
    Can you tell me which cdac center is best cdac khargarh or cdac vita ??

    1. I just read your experience and all comments, but i can't find out which one is best in mumbai at present..
      Please help me out.

    2. Hi..

      I have studied from VITA and what I have received is beyond comparison that is why I am still part of VITA family. I often speak to students from VITA as well as from other institutes and I still think VITA is the best option amongst other. If you have time, you should come by VITA campus. you will meet students and alumni there. their experience will help you in this decision making process. All the best!